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The Hydro Series

The Hydro Series Penis Pump

The Bathmate Hydro Series (the very first collection of hydro penis pumps) offers real value for money and creates lasting profits. By generating a relatively moderate pressure level, the Hydro Series allows you to start your penis pump training gently and quickly build up real gains. The Hydro Series is intended for use in the bath or shower as part of a daily routine (up to a maximum of 15 minutes in 24 hours). After 2 months most users of the Hydro Series report better orgasms.

The HydroMax Series

The HydroMax Series Penis Pump

The HydroMax series  has 35% more power than the Hydro Penis Pump and is also designed for use in the bath or shower as part of a daily routine (up to a maximum of 15 minutes in 24 hours it uses the incredible power of water to safely increase the length and girth of the penis. Most Hydromax users report an improved sex life.

The HydroXtreme Series

The HydroXtreme Series Penis Pump

The Bathmate HydroXtreme is the top model in the Bathmate Hydro series! With a new valve and removable handball, the Hydroxtreme series is the hydro penis pump for the man who is serious about getting the most out of his penis pump. The Hydroxtreme series comes complete with all the accessories you could possibly want. The penis pump is available in all sizes.


In the following text we will address some questions that (potential) users of penis pumps often have.

A penis pump is a device that works by means of negative pressure. It helps to bring blood into the penis and thus cause an erection. The pumps are available in a wide variety of designs, colors and sizes, so there is a pump for every body.

Yes, penis pumps really work. Penis pumps may not give you a permanently larger penis in seconds, but they do increase the blood flow in the penis. This helps you get a stronger and longer lasting erection. They are especially helpful for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction to get back to pleasurable sexual intercourse. A natural, but temporary enlargement of the penis is also possible.

There are two types of penis pumps. One works with air, the other with water to create a vacuum that stimulates blood flow to the penis. Penis pumps with air are generally available and are more the classic type of penis pump. Pumps with water, on the other hand, are the new generation and are considered by many users to be extremely comfortable. Of course, it depends on your own preference and it is recommended to try both methods.

Using a penis pump is simple and no problem even for beginners. The pump is simply placed on the penis and can be used immediately. To do this, simply press the pump mechanism, which causes the air to be sucked out of the pump. This creates a vacuum effect, which makes the penis visibly larger immediately. Once the penis is erect, the pump can be removed. If necessary, a penis ring can be added for support.

Most types of penis pumps can be used in water without any problems. For example, the Hydro series from Bathmate, which was specially designed for use in the shower, is the best choice. This makes daily showering a real pleasure with amazing results.

There are now countless penis pumps on the market, but not all of them deliver the desired quality. The penis pumps from Bathmate are highly recommended, especially the Hydromate pumps. These are very high quality pumps that will give you pleasure for a long time. They can be used in water and are suitable for every type, shape and size of penis.

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